14K Yellow Gold Round Yellow Citrine 4mm Stud Earrings
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14K Yellow Gold Round Yellow Citrine 4mm Stud Earrings

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put on your new go-to, glittering yellow citrine stones in a set of 14K Gold stud earrings. Wear them solo or mix and match them with other studs, these earrings are a classic piece that you'll never want to take off.

◦ Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
◦ Stone: 4mm Round Cut Citrine
◦ Our stud earrings collection is handcrafted with love from the finest metals and gemstones.
◦ The perfect way to express your love.

Earrings are meant to harmoniously compliment the face and take your look to the next level.

This is why the most important rule about choosing your earrings is – proportions.

For women with a broader facial structure we recommend 12 mm earrings.

We recommend women with smaller facial features to choose 6*8 or 8 mm earrings.

If you’re buying a pair of earrings for a young girl or teen, we recommend our earrings for girls.

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