Gold Jewelry FAQ - All You Need to Know

Gold is undoubtedly the most beautiful and most valuable of all metal elements on earth and owning gold jewelry is seen as a status symbol among many cultures and tribes. Gold jewelry has adorned the necks, wrists fingers and bodies of royalty and prominent figures over the years to this day.

Gold is a very precious and rare metal and has been used as currency, and is believed to originate from the deepest parts of the planet earth. Gold is found in rocks in the form of grains or nuggets which can also be found in the ocean. The use of Gold jewelry has been dated back to around 4000 B.C. with large deposits in Egypt and other middle eastern countries. Gold is an incredibly malleable metal and can be manipulated into different shapes and forms which is one of the reasons why gold jewelry is so popular. Gold can be rolled into the thinnest layers and folded over itself to form thick chunks of jewelry.

Gold is prized for its radiance and beauty which is often compared to the glory of the sun and everyone would love to own or gift their loved ones at least one piece of gold jewelry. But before purchasing a gold jewelry set, it is important to learn a few facts about gold and how it is refined to help guide you on the best kind of gold jewelry to suit your preference. We have outlined a few popular questions people tend to have about gold jewelry and everything we believe every gold jewelry purchaser should know about this brilliantly beautiful precious metal.

How do I know a pure gold necklace when I see one?

Because gold is so precious and highly sought after, there are a number of adulterated gold jewelry or the jewelry made from other natural elements that closely resemble gold such as “fools gold” but they lack the durability and uniqueness of pure gold. Pure gold necklaces can be identified in the following ways

  • Pure gold jewelry is usually stamped with a sign that reads the number of karats of gold the necklace has. So if you look closely at a gold necklace and it has no stamp then it is is probably not made of pure gold.
  • If a gold necklace has any hint of discoloration on it especially around the edges then it is not pure gold, pure gold is highly durable and does not peel or discolor easily

Is it okay to bathe with a gold necklace on?

High-quality gold necklaces will not be affected by soap and water and bathing with gold jewelry will not affect your gold necklace as long as it is made from pure gold. However constant bathing or showering with your gold necklace on will cause it to lose its shine over time and make the appearance of your gold necklace dull. Soap and other-other chemicals can also get stuck in the tiny details of your gold necklace which will lead to a buildup of chemicals over time that can affect the appearance of your gold necklace. Your gold necklace can also get tangled with your hair, bathing sponge or towel as you pat yourself dry. While this will not affect the golf itself, it could lead to your jewelry getting broken or damaged at the clasp which will require an avoidable trip to the jewelry store to get it fixed.

How real is the myth about burning gold jewelry to test for purity?

Gold in its purest form is highly malleable and its shape can be altered easily which is why gold is often mixed with other alloys to help it maintain its shape when making jewelry. However, conducting a burn test to check for purity of your piece of gold jewelry is not advisable as it will most likely end in a null result for you. The heat of the flame you intend to use is probably not high enough to cause any recognizable change in your gold jewelry and will only cause soot to gather on your beautiful piece or worse you might burn yourself in the process. If you are concerned about the purity of the gold jewelry you have purchased, it is best to stick to other methods of testing for the purity of your gold jewelry such as the tests we outline above or take your gold jewelry to a reputable jeweler for assessment.

How long does a faux gold last before wearing out begins?

There are different kinds of faux gold jewelry such as gold filled or gold plated jewelry. These pieces of jewelry are not pure gold so they do last as long as the real deal. You may be able to get good use out of some gold filled jewelry because they can last up to 10 years if well taken care of but gold plated jewelry will only last about 12 months or so before it begins to show signs of wearing out. You should be able to get value for your money when investing in a piece of gold jewelry, so we recommend that you get a piece of pure gold jewelry because it is highly durable and will last a much longer time than any faux gold jewelry.


How can you tell the difference between different karats of gold?

Gold of higher quality are usually softer and tend to scratch more easily than the gold of lesser quality. 24 karat gold is the purest form of gold followed by 18 karats, then 14 karats and so on. Because pure gold is so soft it is mixed with alloys to give it a more resistant finish and that is how the karat system comes in.

The lesser the karats of gold in jewelry, the less pure yellow its color would be in relation to pure gold. There is also usually an engraving on a piece of gold jewelry that states the number of karats of gold that particular piece has. When purchasing gold jewelry it is important to look out for these clues so that you know the specific amount of gold in your piece and ensure you get the best value for your money.

How do you fix a broken gold necklace?

Gold necklaces are precious and should be treated as such. No matter how small the problem may seem it is best to leave fixing a broken gold necklace in the hands of a professional. Since you do not have the expertise or knowledge of how to fix jewelry, it is better to take your broken jewelry to a reputable jewelry store for proper assessment and repair by an expert.

How do you test for the purity of a gold bracelet?

Gold bracelets are a beautiful gift you can use to show your appreciation for a loved one and it is natural that you would want to get the best quality of gold bracelet jewelry for them. To test for the purity of a gold bracelet,


  • you can hold up your gold bracelet to a magnet. If it sticks to the magnet your piece of gold jewelry is probably not pure gold because gold is a nonmagnetic element.
  • Scratch your gold bracelet against a piece of ceramic, if it leaves a black streak then your gold bracelet is not pure. Pure gold would leave a gold streak on the ceramic


How many karats can be called real gold?

Every karat of gold is real gold but due to the malleability of pure gold, it is often mixed with other alloys to make it harder and stay in the desired form and shape of the piece of jewelry. The karat system comes in to play here as it shows the percentage of gold to alloy present in a piece of jewelry. 24 karat gold contains the Highest percentage of gold as it is 100% pure gold. 18 karat has 75% gold and 14 karats have 58% gold. If your intention is to get “real” gold for yourself or a loved one, then purchasing 24 karat gold is the right choice for you.


How long does a piece of white gold jewelry last before it wears out?

White gold jewelry is created by mixing pure gold with certain alloys to give it a shiny white appearance hence the name white gold. Gold is mixed with alloys like palladium, silver or manganese to create white gold jewelry, but because of the brilliant yellow hue of gold, it retains a yellow tint and is often plated in rhodium to give it the perfect white finish. The rhodium plating lasts for a few years, usually between 2-3 years depending on how much it is stressed and how often you wear it before you may have to replace your jewelry again with rhodium to maintain its white appearances. Because white gold is so popular these days, we advise that when you purchase a piece of white gold jewelry, you take absolute care of it to extend the amount of time it will retain its beautiful platinum appearance before needing to be replated.


Gold jewelry is one of the best kinds of jewelry out there because of its high resistance to wear and tear and it’s unique radiant beauty. Wearing gold has been associated with royalty and affluence and to this day gold rings and bands are exchanged as a sign of love and commitment between loved ones. Purchasing gold jewelry is no small feat and you should be able to get the best quality of gold jewelry available which is why you should shop for high-quality pure gold jewelry pieces. We offer you necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and other styles of gold jewelry in  24 karats to 14 karats gold jewelry pieces at the most competitive rates you can find anywhere. Stop by our online store today  to purchase that gold jewelry piece you have always dreamed of owning.