Garnet Gemstones & Jewelry - All You Need To Know

Garnet - January Birthstone

A Garnet is a semi-precious, rare and valuable gemstone. You may have heard the popular line from that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but a Garnet is every girl’s BFF.

Garnets come from one of the most complex gemstone families and are popularly a rich deep red color, but they can also be found in other shades.


What are the various species of garnet?

There are several species of garnets such as:

  • Andradite which is the rarest gemstone and has more fire than a diamond.
  • Almandine which is the popular deep rich red shade.
  • Grossular garnets which comes in all shades even clear colors.
  • Pyrope garnets which are a rich red a ruby would be envious of.
  • Spessartite garnets which come in rich orange tones.
  • And the rare green Uvarovite garnet.

garnet gold dangle earringsgarnet 14k gold necklace teardrop

Garnets are eye-catching, stunning and rare gemstones that anyone would love to own. So if you have been looking for that perfect gift for a lovely lady in your life, then getting her a Garnet gemstone jewelry would be the perfect way to show her how much you care.


If you are interested in purchasing stunning Garnet gold jewelry for yourself or as a gift to someone you love and appreciate, we understand you might have some questions about this gemstone. This is why we have put together a comprehensive list of answers to any questions you might have to act as a guide on all you need to know about these gorgeous gemstones.

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What is the origin of the name garnet?

This beautiful gemstone name “garnet” originated from the Latin word “garanatus” which means seeds or seedlike. The garnet gemstone is associated with the rich dark red seeds of the pomegranate fruit because of the close resemblance in color they share. Because of how much garnets resemble pomegranates they were popularly arranged in designs to look like a pomegranate in ancient bohemian cities. Since Garnets are so closely linked to pomegranates and Pomegranates are also referenced as a gift of love in Greek mythology, garnet jewelry is the perfect gift to express your love to the one you cherish.


What are the characteristics of a garnet?

Garnet come in a variety of colors but its most common shade is the deep red. Garnets are brittle, lack Cleavage and have a vitreous luster. Garnets are some pretty tough gemstones and in fact, a garnet necklace was found in a gravestone from 3000 BC in perfect condition. This is a testament and proof that garnets are hard, durable and thus last or a very long time. Buying a piece of garnet jewelry means you are sure your jewelry will not rust or fade over time. Garnets retain their beauty and elegance as long as they are taken good care of.

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What birthstone is a garnet?

Birthstones are believed to bring luck, good fortune and prosperity to those born in their months. The beautiful and richly colored gemstones Garnets are the birthstone of the month of January. Gifting a friend or loved one born in the month of January with garnet is a thoughtful and significant way to show how much you care about them, they will definitely appreciate the thought you put into the gesture and cherish your gift forever.


Do garnets gems possess healing powers?

The garnet gemstone is believed to have incredible healing properties and are a great cure for depression and melancholy. Wearing garnet jewelry is believed to help with blood-related diseases such as hemorrhages. Garnets are also believed to be great for mental health and protect its wearers from bad dreams and poisons. Wearing garnet jewelry is also thought to increase vigor and strength. One of the greatest healing properties of garnets is the effect it has on depression, people suffering from melancholy have been known to have their moods lifted significantly by wearing garnet jewelry. Gifting garnet jewelry to the people you care about who may be going through depressive episodes may help lift their moods and help improve their mental health.


What do garnets gemstones represent?

Garnets fiery red hue represents passion and sensual energy, garnets are said to increase the sexual drive in men and increase fertility in women. Garnets also represent faith, true friendship, commitment, fidelity and devotion in marriage. Garnet rings make incredibly beautiful engagement rings and the Garnet gemstones jewelry is often used to celebrate second year anniversaries. Exchanging garnet jewelry between friends is also a great way to show affection and the strength of a friendships bond. Garnets are indeed a girl’s BFF.


How are Garnets gems formed, mined, and where are garments gems found?

Garnets are formed under high pressures and temperatures over time, they are formed in the same conditions as some igneous and metamorphic rocks and can be used by geologists to gauge the temperature of the rocks where garnets are formed. Garnets are mined by chipping away at the rocks that surround them with machinery or by hand. Garnets can be found in rivers and hollow creeks where they are handpicked without the risk of being damaged. Garnets are found in countries all over the world like Brazil, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Kenya, India, Australia Scotland etc


Is garnet a rare gemstone?

There are many varieties of gemstones and some occur more often than others. Some garnets are used for industrial and abrasive purposes and may be seen as not so rare. But the purer forms of garnet gemstones used in making jewelry are quite rare and expensive. Jewelry made from pure garnet gemstones is indeed precious and rare.

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Are garnets and rubies the same?

It can be very easy to confuse a ruby for garnet and vice versa because they look so similar but both gems are not the same. While rubies are a deeper shade of red than garnets, they also belong to a higher class of precious stones and Rubies are also much more expensive than Garnets. All these differences do not deter from the value of garnets however,  Garnet gemstone jewelry is still a go-to choice for those who love a brilliant red gemstone but may not have the means for a ruby.


What is the rarest garnet

Demantoid garnets are the rarest garnets and are among the top rarest colored gemstones in the world. Demantoid garnets are a vivid green color and they are the most valuable and expensive garnets, prices for a single carat of demantoid garnets go as high as $1000. Demantoid garnets can be found in Russia and some parts of Africa. They have a remarkable brilliance and fire that rivals that of a diamond.


What zodiac stone is the garnet gemstone

Garnets are the zodiac stone for Aquarius (the water bearer). Aquarius are intelligent friendly and attractive people, they also tend to be independent and stubborn but overall they draw people to themselves like a magnet. Any person born between January 20-  February 18 has the beautiful Garnet gemstone as their zodiac gemstone. A piece of Garnet jewelry would be the perfect gift for that loveable Aquarius person you know.


Where can I find garnet gold jewelry?

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