Leave nothing to chance – Your Full Guide to Buying Earrings Online

Shopping online has become part of our day-to-day reality – from gadgets for your husband, your grocery list or earrings as a gift for yourself or your bestie.  

Buying earrings at the mall is simple since you can try them on and see for yourself, but the selection isn’t even close to what you can find online. So, how will you know which earrings to choose?

So here are a couple of thumb rules to getting your earrings online and enjoying every moment of it!

But before we get started, it’s important to note that you can rest assure all our earrings are made of 14K gold and the most precious of gems.

Too Big or Too Small?

Earrings are meant to harmoniously compliment the face, enhance your natural beauty and take your look to the next level. This is why the most important rule about choosing your earrings is – proportions.

For a woman who has large facial features, choosing to wear small earrings with little presence might defeat the purpose. The earrings will disappear in her general look, or perhaps even emphasize the large features. For women with a broader facial structure we recommend 12 mm earrings.

A woman with a smaller face, might look “over the top” wearing large and dominant earrings. That’s why we recommend women with smaller facial features to choose 6*8 or 8 mm earrings.

Let us now forget the little girls in the bunch; if you’re buying a pair of earrings for a young girl or teen, we recommend our earrings for girls.

Facial Structure

It’s important that you match the shape of the earring to the facial structure to create a harmonious and balanced look.

If your face is round, we recommend trying the elongated dangle earrings to even the roundness. Take a look at our Garnet drop-shaped earrings, or our Opal-studded dangle earrings.

If you have an elongated face, you should pick round earrings. We recommend checking out our Zircon-studded dangle earrings.

In case you have more of a square-shaped face, you can balance it out with stud earrings such as these vintage green Malachite-studded earrings.

And if you have a heart-shaped face, and your jaw line is rather slim, we suggest balancing it out with dangle earrings. Feel free to check out our dangle Amethyst earrings.

Skin Tone

When we’re looking for earrings, we want them to perfectly compliment us. Which is why it’s important to choose jewelry that won’t seem too pale against our skin, or too dark and prominent. For women with a darker complexion we recommend golden jewelry with bold gem colors, such as these unique turquoise earrings. If you have fairer skin, we strongly suggest choosing white gold jewelry with bright gems, like white Opal earrings.

The Event

Choosing earrings according to the event or occasion is just as important. Matching the right jewelry to the right event, can boost your look and give that ideal twist we all want. If you’re looking for earrings for a special day, we recommend looking at our Evening collections, so you can enjoy a rich and luxurious twinkle at an affordable price.

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