January Birthstone-Garnet

Meet the Garnet

The popular color of the Garnet crystal is red, but it can also be found in other shades, such as orange, black and brown. There are also rarer Garnets that change colors.

Pure Garnet crystals are used as gems. The stone has lush colors, is translucent, durable, and a high level of hardness. Compared to other gems, the Garnet is rather widespread.

In Hebrew, the Garnet’s name Nofech, and is mentioned in the Bible as one of the Hoshen gems associated with the Tribe of Judah.

The Garnet represents will-power, persistence and consistency. Its energetic powers include detoxification, increasing emotional awareness and promoting repressed sexuality. Some believe that its wearer will enjoy health and wellness.

The Turquoise originated in Persia and reached Europe through Turkey. The Europeans’ common mistake was thinking that the gem originated in Turkey rather than passed through it. Which is why they named it ‘Turkish’. The name we now know as Turquoise was given to it by the French.

The Garnet has been used since the Bronze Age. There is evidence that it was used by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks in the 3rd century BC. In the far east, certain tribes would use the stone for weapon, believing that its red color symbolized its strength and would therefore, cause great damage.

Where Can the Garnet Be Found?
The Garnet can currently be found in south Africa, Australia, across America, India and Sri Lanka. There also certain types of Garnet around the city of Eilat, Israel.




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