Rose Gold Jewelry - All You Need To Know

Rose gold, like white gold, is a variation of gold jewelry and provides a great color option for those who are not too keen on the yellow tone of gold or simply want to have a different color tone for their gold jewelry. Rose gold is made from solid gold that has been mixed with or alloyed with copper and silver to achieve the unique blush tone. Rose gold jewelry has been around since the 19th century and is sometimes referred to as Russian gold because it originated in Russia where a jeweler named Carl fabergè created rose gold jewelry by mixing copper and silver with yellow gold. Because of its unique tone and close resemblance of the petals of a rose, it has remained popular to this day.
Fingers Holding a Rose Gold Feather Ring
Rose gold jewelry can be breathtakingly beautiful and is a great addition to your jewelry collection. We understand that you might have some questions about rose gold jewelry such as how it differs from white gold, if it is indeed pure gold and how long it would last while retaining its beauty and shine. We’ve answered these questions and more to help you understand everything you need to know about rose gold jewelry.

Is rose gold still pure gold?
Because pure gold is so soft, it is often mixed with other alloys to give it shape and structure. Rose gold jewelry does not occur naturally so it is not 100% gold, rather it is an alloy which means it is not pure gold, Rose gold is created by mixing pure gold with copper and silver. As long as your rose gold jewelry is made from a mixture of a minimum of 10 karat gold with copper and silver and is not hollow of filled out gold then you have good jewelry in your hands. Purchasing rose gold jewelry from a reputable jeweler guarantees that you are buying jewelry made with real gold.

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Is white gold better than rose gold?
White gold is made from alloying yellow gold with other materials like silver or palladium which is then plated in rhodium, while rose gold is made from alloying yellow gold with copper and silver. It cannot be said that white gold is better than rose gold because they are both variations of yellow gold. Rose gold complements almost every skin tone and is very durable because of the copper alloyed with gold to form rose gold jewelry. Rose gold jewelry looks good on both men and women and does not need to be coated in rhodium like white gold.

Is vermeil laced with gold or it’s just color?
Vermeil is a great alternative for those who want to get their hands on some gold jewelry but may not be able to afford it at the moment. Vermeil is made from lacing sterling silver which is a precious metal with a heavy layer of a minimum of 10 karats of gold. Vermeil is often confused with gold plating but they are not the same because vermeil uses a base of sterling silver and has a thick and heavy layer of gold coated around it. Gold plating, on the other hand, uses thin layers of gold or color on any material as a base. Vermeil is not gold, but with the right amount of care it will retain its beauty and gloss and will last for a good amount of time.

How long before black rhodium wears out?
Rhodium is a material that is used to plate white gold jewelry to give it its signature white shine. Rhodium occurs naturally in a silvery or white color but its colors can be altered with the addition of inks. Black rhodium is made by mixing dark inks with rhodium to give it a cool, dark and edgy finish. Rhodium is a very durable material but is also subject to wear, if you wear your black rhodium plated jewelry every other day and it goes through some stress, you would definitely need to have it replated over time. Black rhodium typically lasts up to a year before you may need to take it to a jeweler for polishing and replating.

What is the lifespan of a 24 karat gold ring?
24 karat gold is 100% gold and is usually too soft to use for everyday jewelry like a ring because they will scratch or bend easily. Buying a pure gold 24 karat ring is a great option for those who suffer metal related allergies because of the low amount of other alloys in 24 karat gold. A 24 karat gold would have a lifespan of technically “forever” because it is pure gold and would not wear out at any point while radiating with the color of pure gold.

How long does a rose gold necklace last?
Rose gold jewelry is considered to be very durable because of the copper alloyed with gold to create this beautiful hue of gold. It is resistant to wear and can be worn every day without getting tarnished. Investing in a rose gold necklace for yourself or as a gift to someone you love and cherish is a good choice because rose gold jewelry will last for you for a good number of years and will only look better as it ages because it gains a nice vintage patina which is sought after by many and makes your jewelry look more interesting and unique.

What is the lifespan of an 18 karat rose gold necklace?
18 karat rose gold jewelry is jewelry that is composed of 75 percent pure gold and 25 percent copper and silver alloys. 18 karat rose gold necklaces have one of the highest composition of gold in jewelry and this makes it softer but more resistant to wear than others karats of gold. 18 karat rose gold necklaces tend to be lighter and more of a champagne color compared to darker tones of lesser karats. 18 karat rose gold necklaces are a color that is soft, alluring and highly appealing. An 18 karat rose gold necklace has a relatively long lifespan of decades and will not tarnish, this makes it perfect for making fine gold jewelry. An 18 karat rose gold necklace would be an exquisite gift to complement the sweet soft side of its wearer.

How long should a 14 karat gold last?
Gold has pretty good resilience and 14 karat gold jewelry pieces are quite durable as well. A piece of jewelry containing 14 karats of gold is made up of 58 percent pure gold and 42 percent of other alloys mixed it to give it resistance. Because of the higher content of stronger materials 14 karat gold is very durable and resilient and will last you a healthy number of years without showing any signs of wear. 14 karat gold is a nice soft shade of yellow and will last you for decades as long as it is well taken care of. If you are looking to get a resilient and tough piece of jewelry then a 14 karat gold jewelry piece would make a great gift that can be worn every day because they are so hard and durable. 14 karat gold is also a popular choice for most customers because it is less expensive and looks almost the same as higher karats of gold.

Rose gold is soft, romantic and an alluring shade of gold jewelry that is trendy and gives a unique and durable addition to your jewelry. Any lover of vintage style jewelry and unique pieces will be drawn to rose gold jewelry because of it’s appealing color and high resistance to stress.
We are glad that we are able to provide you with extensive information on everything you need to know about rose gold and how exquisite pieces of jewelry made from this material are. Certainly, you are now keen to own a beautiful piece of rose gold jewelry which will not tarnish and will last you for decades.