Garnet - January's Birthstone

Garnet - January's Birthstone

Is red your color? 

Were you born in January?

Then you should know about Garnet!


      What does Garnet symbolize?

      Red is the color of the Garnet gemstone. It is solid and calm and should fit any fashion you choose.

      Garnet’s nature transmits calmness but also grants the wearer a strong sense of willingness.

      It opens one to believe in his own abilities: physical mental and spiritual.

      Garnet tear gold drop earrings

      While wearing genuine Garnet, these could be significantly amplified and let the wearer go through tough times with relative ease.

      Garnet is January’s birthstone, radiating warmth and love, granting those who were born on winter positive and enveloping energies.


      There are 12 birthstones - one for each month of the year.

      It is world-widely common to grant birthstones as birthday presents, usually studded in jewelry. This way the wearer envelops himself with its positive energies throughout the day.

      Garnet tear gold ring 5mm
      Garnet tear gold ring 5mm on hand
      The Garnet gemstone is an ancient stone and was known to man for ages.

      It is mentioned in the old testament as one of the 12 stones of the priests’ vests.

      In ancient Egypt, Garnet gems were studded to statues of the fertility goddess. They were also put on top of graves to keep evil spirits away and grant a place in the world beyond.

      Did you know?

      Garnet’s name seems to derive from the Latin word Garnetus - similar to Pomegranate which has the same colors of Garnet and also symbolizes fertility and strength.

       14K Yellow Gold 8x10mm Garnet Oval Pendant

      In case you’re looking for a gift for someone who was born in January - Earrings, Rings, and Necklaces studded with Garnet would make a perfect choice.

      The strengthening energies of the jewel’s gemstone, along with the fact it is their birthstone would make it a thoughtful and empowering gift they would love to have!